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Legs Puzzle

Everyone loves a family trip to grandma’s and grandpa’s house! Can you help figure out how many legs are […]

riddle, puzzle, escape room, tacoma wa

Riddle Puzzle

Here is a riddle to rack your brain around. For some people these are super easy and for others […]

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BBQ Logic Puzzle

What could be better than a Summer BBQ? How about a logic puzzle based on a Summer BBQ? Figure […]

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US Flag Puzzle

Happy 4th of July! The U.S. Flag has a rich and interesting history.  Can you find the answers to […]

Movie Puzzle

Summer is here and everyone loves a good summer movie! Check out this puzzle using June 2018 movie titles. […]

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Pride Puzzle

Happy Pride month to all! PRIDE is a time to celebrate our differences and come to together as one […]

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Perspective Puzzle

A good perspective puzzle involved changing how you look to see something different from what you currently see. Give […]

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Dice Math Puzzle

Ever look very close at a pair of dice? Now if your chance. Give this math puzzle involving dice […]