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Have you experiences all of our adventures? Are you anxiously waiting for our next adventure to open? Have you developed ticks due to escape room withdrawals? Don't fret! We have a solution for you! Our local recommendations are based on our personally and professional experience in the industry. We can attest to the quality of game play and the level of customer experience these locations provide. Please note that these locations are not part of Enigma Escapes WA and our independently owned and operated by some amazing people. They are definitely worth a visit to scratch that escape room itch!


Escape Hour Gig Harbor is located in Gig Harbor Washington (about a 15 minutes drive from Enigma Escapes WA). They currently have 3 rooms with a 4th in the works. The Cabin, Curse of the Mayan Ruins, and Baker Street MysteryThese rooms are all high quality and extremely immersive. You can't go wrong with any of these rooms. Also make sure to check them out during Halloween and Christmas season that they host limited time rooms just for the holiday season.  Make sure to tell them Enigma Escapes WA says, "Hi" when you visit!

The Puzzle Masters Escape Rooms in Spanaway, WA (about a 20 minute drive from Enigma Escapes WA). There rooms are fun, entertaining, and transport you into a place most humans wouldn't be able to go. Very immersive and always a great time! We recommend two of their rooms: Area 51 and The Book of Secrets.  Whether you are seeking the governments' book of secrets or unraveling what really happens in Roswell, your team will enjoy an amazing hour of entertainment. Make sure they know Enigma Escapes WA sent you!