Dr. Xavier is a world renown virologist and has just discovered a cure to the 853-472B virus. The problem is no one has seen him since his discovery.  We fear there has been a breach in containment within the laboratory. You and your research team have been contracted to enter the lab, find the cure, find Dr. Xavier, and quarantine the lab. Since virus 853-472B is so contagious, we cannot risk wide-spread exposure, therefore, your team only has one hour to complete its mission before we have to activate the laboratory's self-destruct protocol destroying everything (including you if you fail). Good luck!

Mission Briefing

Group Size: Up to 8 players

Duration: 60 minutes

Current success rate: 30%


Grandma recently passed way and left a substantial inheritance, but your cousin claims it is all his. He produced a Last Will and Testament, but something doesn't seem quite right about it. You are sure, it is a forgery, but you have no evidence. Your cousin plans to demolish the house (burying anything inside) and build a strip mall. You and your team have one hour to find grandma's real Last Will and Testament and get out of the house before the wrecking crew bury you and everything else under thousands of pounds of rubble.

Back Story

Group Size: Up to 6 players

Duration: 60 minutes

Current success rate: 45%