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Sorcerer's Rescue

Quest: Gideon the Great is the last remaining master sorcerer and sole protector of the magical arts.  He not only loved the magical world, but also found fascination with the our mundane moral lives.  He wanted to find a way to awaken the magic that lay dormant within humans. Unfortunately, in his quest to revitalize magic, he made a grave error. His spell tore a hole between the living world and the next. Demons and other nasty creatures quickly came through and captured Gideon before he could correct his mistake.  His apprentice quickly placed a protection spell around the workshop. The apprentice is the last standing magical being and cannot risk a rescue without fear of being captured as well. A search for hidden magic revealed you and your team as not only knowledgeable in human items (which Gideon collected many of), but also untapped powerful magic. It is your quest to enter Gideon's workshop, access your magic, close the tear between worlds, rescue Gideon and save the magical world before the protection spell fails in 60 minutes! Do you have what it takes?

Recommended Group Size: 4-8 players

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: Starting at $35 + tax per person

Current success rate: 25%